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The Golden Rhythm:
Righteous and Empowered Living

Even if you haven't had the advantages of wealth and power, you can still accomplish any goal in your heart-with some help from motivational author Byron A. Love. His breakthrough The Golden Rhythm sets forth a results-oriented action plan for finding success while fulfilling God's purpose. At the heart of this powerful, easy-to-use guidebook is the Golden Rhythm, a process for planning and organizing your life in a way that leads toward reaching your dreams. You'll learn:* The Empowered Living Model, which includes techniques for discovering yourself, improving your abilities, and motivating yourself to succeed. * How to go from adrift to exuberantly self-empowered in just 11 days, so that you can go after your dreams with confidence and pride.* Ways to assess and boost your spiritual health, which has an effect on all aspects of your daily life.* To overcome your worst habits-including those you thought you'd never kick.* Tools to set realistic SMART goals-so you can know exactly where you are on your road to a better, more fulfilled life.* Much, much more!And along the way, you will discover how to live not only a successful life, but also a righteous one through the Christian teachings of the Apostle Paul.

A Geek's Guide to Career Advancement


This eBook is replete with advice and resources for a successful career as a cyber professional. It provides you with 25 ideas to help you set and achieve your goals.  These 25 approaches are all part of my strategy to meet the goals I set for myself, and they are all backed by great thinkers, writers, and advisers.   You can receive a free copy of this eBook by signing up at

IT Project Management:
A Geek's Guide to Leadership


IT Project Management: A Geek’s Guide to Leadership addresses the specific challenges introverted and some sometimes rebellious IT professionals face as leaders.  It’s not dull textbook about leadership.  It contains stories based on real world experiences and scenarios to demonstrate leadership concepts.  

PMWorld Journal’s review of IT Project Management: A Geek’s Guide to Leadership calls the book “an excellent reference for IT practitioners challenged with the complexities of leading teams and engaging stakeholders.  It’s not just joy to read,” the reviewer wrote, “you also can do it.”

Managers and professionals outside of the IT career field have found this book to be a great leadership resource.  Invest in your copy today from the publisher website,, where it is available in both print and ebook versions, or from excellent online retailers like  You will find links to make your leadership investment below.

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